Date sorting problems

first of all let me say that I did search my problem before posting and found nothing… of course that could be due to my poor searching skills

now to the problem…

my wd tv live smp cant seem to get the descending date sorting right. files just added appear in a random position when they should be placed first. 

ascending date sorting works just fine but requires me to navigate to the end of my collection.

one samsung external hd (500 GB, HFS+) is attached to it and im currently 1.05.18 firmware. I guess its important to say that this problem did not started with the firmware upgrade. so far I only experienced this problem with video media since its the only type of media I have stored on that external hd.

thanks in advance

I’ve never used date sorting, so I’m not sure what’s up with the REVERSE order not working, but I can give you a hint.

Instead of navigating to the “end” of your list, start at the BEGINNING and go BACKWARDS.   It will scroll around instantly to the end of the list.

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thanks for the hint, very useful…