Date being incorrectly set for Battlestar Galactica 2003


Has anybody ever come across this issue before where after scraping the details for battlestar galactica 2003 from the date is set to a random one in the future.For example the screenshot below shows the DB entry for the S01E01 being set to 2014/02/01 I am not sure what that DB field represents but when sorting by date in the WDTV it seems to be based on that field.

I have deleted the media library and rebuilt it again and it has had no success


I think the link below might help you.

What is that editor you’re using?

mtime_date is not a field that comes from the TV DB.

mtime usually means “Modify Time.”

Hi Guys I am using the SQLlite manager addon for Firefox to view the data in the cas db file. I was applying the SQL trigger to the db to update the tv series title when I went exploring the tables further and remembered an issue I had seen when some tv series always being at the front when sorting by the date. I spotted that the above field was set to a date in the future and then tallied it against the series being sorting issue. I just went rooting further when u mentioned modified time and it seems that the created and modified time on the files on the qnap NAS box are set in the future to the same time stamp also… Now im really confused as to what’s going as it does seem to be related to the tvdb anymore but to either the wdtv updating the files or to the NAS somehow…

Interesting.   Theoretically, then, you can just reset the mtime on the NAS and all would be good.