Data volume failed to mount


When I go to the control panel on my WD Mycloud 4TB I get the error message “Data volume failed to mount”, also there is a red light on the front panel. Is there a way to solve this? The disc’s webpage, eg  http://192.168.1.nnn/UI/ is working, and I can see the shares, users, and settings.

The disk is mainly used for backup from other computers (both Mac and PCs). 

I have searched the forum, and one solution is that it cluld be a faulty ethernet cable, but I have changed it, and it didn’t help. I have read about the SSH solution, but I don’t know how to connect to the device. Can I do this from my Mac’s terminal-window?

I want to try to fix the disc before I do a factory reset.


Because you are able to open the Dashboard I suggest you start off by rebooting your device. See image below. See what happens after a reboot.

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cat0w (USA)

Tried rebooting before posting here… Sorry I didn’t tell you.