Data transfer from USB to WDH2NC40000

Hi guys,

I had a wd mbwe 1 tb drive, and i liked it so much and went ahead with a 4 TB drive. I need specific help now in 2 queries:

  1. I have a 1.5 TB drive in my pc which is filled with data - can i remove one drive from the 4 TB nas ( it is setup in JBOD) and attach it to a SATA port  in my pc and transfer data quickly ? Cos on the network data moves and 10-12MB/S. whereas if i put it on a SATA port in my PC will be atleast 5 times faster.

  2. I was moving data from the 1 TB MBWE to the 4TB, the 4TB kept disappearing from the network, data copy was incompete. I had to power off and power on the 4TB drive to access. What can be the problem here ?

1- The file system of the drive is EXT3, so you won’t be able to do it unless you run Linux or you have specialized software made to grant access to that file system on your operating system.

2- I’d check the device name on both devices to make sure they are not the same, also the workgroup name to make sure it is the same, and then set a static IP address to both of them.

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