Data transfer are limited to about 15 Mo/s?


I am surprised to see that the transfert through FTP gives not more that 15 Mo/s through a gigabit link.

It looks like the hardware is limiting, since I have checked things like the following :

  • Transfert starts with 50+ Mo/s then slows to 15 Mo/s as in normal procedure when packets are sent faster than the receiver can handle

  • ARM proc is always between 50 and 100% of usage whith respectively 15 and 30+ Mo/s

Thus I am thinking, maybe the hardare of the network attached storage WD My Book World Edition is not able to withstand an offered flow rate of 100Mo/s.

Finally, please let me know if this issue can be solved.

First try locally by mapping the drive without using ftp, then to narrow down the problem, connect drive directly to the computer, make sure the cable is cat5e or cat6…try copying files manually (copy paste) and let us know!

Hello, Yes the cable is cat.5 and the result is the same with Samba. Is it abnormal that the transfer rate is so slow ? What is the normal transfer rate please ? I am not talking about theoritical ethernet rate but actual possible data transfer rate allowed by the complete system, which means that it “could be” that there is a bottle neck such as the internal hardware. All the rest is able to withstand high transfer rate in my actual configuration. We are talking about WD My Book World Edition. Thanks

If you have the MBW blue rings, then you’ll never get more than about 3-5 MB’s per second.  Over the internet will be much less.  If you have a MBW white light nas drive, then you should be getting the equivalent of usb speeds with the internet varying depending on connection speeds.  I know because I’ve had both.  The MBW white light is much better.

This is a white light but the speed is 15 MB/s which is much lower than USB2 and even much lower than gigabite ethernet.

This approx 20% of what my harware/network is able to do and this is much too slow in my opinion.

Do I have to understand that this is normal ? WHat is limiting the speed ? ARM processor ? Else ?


Hi jeff, Try to use the cable that came with it  , that should be cat5e not cat5 (directly to the … and the transfer rate should be much faster than that.

Try to call tech support to troubleshoot , because as i said that shouldn’t be hapening you may need a repalcement

File transfer performance depends on a lot of variables => which direction (to or from NAS), one large file or many small files, transfer protocol (FTP, SMB, HTTP, NFS, AFP, TCP), application used to transfer (Media Player, iTunes client, Windows Explorer, FTP in a DOS window, Filezilla …), pc NIC capability, router/switch capability, pc CPU, pc RAM and NAS cpu/RAM.

15 MB/s is probably about right for large file writes to the NAS.  Large file reads are faster (maybe mid-20’s).  Have a look at the single drive performance charts at  Nobody’s NAS really approaches the theoretical 125 MB/s of Gb ethernet except for some fairly expensive Core 2 Duo powered units with 1GB or more of RAM.

Bottom line - yes, the MBWE is limited by its processing power and available RAM, but when compared to similarly priced units it performs comparably.



I’ll change to cat 5e since cat 5e is an enhanced and cat 5 which can help better transfert.

As informed earlier transfert rate start very high but makes up and down, decreasing step by step until 15Mb/s.

If changing to cat 5e solves this problem, I’ll mark it solved. If not I’ll ask for further informations.


The direction of the datas was ext to NAS, one large file 700 Mb. I tried FTP and SMB transfer. Application used was Windows XP explorer however FTP transfert was done under Linux (Filezilla).

The switch is a Gigaethernet certified and the PC is new generation Gigaethernet too.

I will check the limit of the MBWE with cat 5e cable and inform you back.


Sorry for posting again but I need a tech clarification before spending more money in cables.

From the web I found an analysis of the same model, where the figures are exactly the same e.g. 16 Mb/s to the NAS and 11 Mb/s from it.

What are the real figures of the transfer rates allowed inbound and outbound of the white light (recent model) of the My Book World Edition 1 ?

btw, in my posts I mean by Mb/s mega bytes per second (not mega bit per second).

Thanks for details


It’s just an opinion, but I don’t think you’ll see a dramatic difference with a 1 meter cat 5 vs 1 meter cat 5e cable.  Isn’t the cable that came with the unit a cat 5e?  Can you borrow one before buying one?

As for absolute performance, again, it depends.  Without being able to compare your unit to another NAS in your network, I couldn’t say for sure, but 15 MB/s may be all you can get for that file size and that transfer direction.  When you looked on the web, did you look at  Their charts show this unit about mid-pack for single drive, Gb NAS’s.  That is, some are faster, but some are slower.



I checked  here. I think too that cat 5 ethernet cable shall work better.

I made personnal NAS based on recent hardware Intel and OpenBSD, and I confirm that Gigabit networks can work much faster. I make a rough 60 MB/s mean value in best cases, and 30 MB/s worst case (smaller files).

I only ever tried 2 NAS products each of wich make rather slow transfert, which is acceptable with small hard drives, but not with 1 TB. If it happens that this particular unit is doing not better that the figures I mentionned before, I might have to handle the NAS anotherway.

1000 GB is transfered in a rought 5 hours through a gigabit link, but here, it might take 20 hours.

OK, unfortunately that review doesn’t say how they measured the rate.  The charts here show a good comparison of different single drive NAS’s.

Regarding your home-built NAS, the MBWE won’t be able to compete with a NAS using a pc level CPU.  I would guess that your home-built NAS also has more than the 128MB of RAM that the MBWE has.

If a high performance NAS is your goal, then yes, you may need a different solution.


Someone please provide me with the unit max rated transfert speed.


[EDIT] Thanks for the post but I’m not really looking for something measured from other persons, but from real figures measured in the factory, are such datas under non disclorusre or so ? Of course I can rely on my own measurements, which I have partially done, and base on this I will certainy have to consider doing something else, because at the moment, it does’nt look good enough.

Hi Wayne, hi everybody!

Blue rings WD cannot exceed 20mb/s (maximum 2.5MB/s). In the best network environment. That is what I see on both upload to WD or download from WD. With a RAID 1 configuration. I didn’t “broke” the box with custom firmware and I haven’t exceed standard 1500 bytes ethernet frame.

Can you share some throuputs while downloading/uploding large data from/to WD white ring? The result I’m looking for are the one in Raid 1 configuration.

I have the 1T blue ring model and I’m looking for some new cheap NAS. 4T white ring it’s the one in poll position due to the price/capacity. But I would like some better speed compared to the old model. I mainly store pictures and redundancy it’s a must.



As said before the transfer are about  15 MB/s from the PC to the white light NAS.

In the other ways around, it looks like could be 30+ MB/s but not sure, I have not tested yet. Maybe I will.

So now this topic will be closed and I will certainly sell this NAS. If you want to buy it from me, no problem. I’m actually in France but can ship it over. In that case please pm me.

I will construct a NAS myself with a hardware that permits the transfer rates that the hardware is capable of eg network and hard disk.

This is my second and last NAS I buy because each time the limitations they have lead me to make one myself eg. SSD disk for system and hard disk for storage on a real hardware running OpenBSD, security and performance, no other way.

I regret that it is written only “gigabit ethernet” on the box while the hardware is making much stringent limitations. Why not writing the real perf on the box more than gigabit ethernet which is a useless information as a matter of fact ?


Topic closed.

I was going to build a system based on the FreeNAS application but I decided to get a MyBook World Edition instead.  Bad mistake on my part.  Anyone know if Bestbuy will take these back?

In my opinion, FreeNAS might be a good choice. BSD’s said to be very good kernel.


I believe most of appliance NAS will give similar performance.

If you build PC based NAS, you will get much faster speed.  But, that’s not apple to apple in my opinion.