Data retrieval from a hard drive with a non-functioning PCB board

I have a hard drive from a My Book Essential 2TB (2.0) that I need to get important data from.  The  PCB board itself appears to be nonfunctional due to a reverse-polarity front panel USB mishap (basically I believe the board was shocked).  The PCB board itself will respond to a USB connection, but the computer will not recognize it at all.  Power appears to be working fine, and the hard drive itself is healthy.  Looking over various posts I’ve come to understand that the encryption chip prevents data from being saved via normal means, which I’ve verified with recovery software using another enclosure (files are all gibberish).

I’ve read one report that suggests a 500 GB model *might* work, otherwise I would need to remove the encryption chip (or something along those lines) and solder it to another board of a similar (or the same?) model.  

Basically, I wanted to know what the status was on this kind of issue, and if anyone has any idea that might be useful for saving the data.



I’ll suggest you to contact the user fzabkar, he’s really good with circuit boards. 

Yes fzabkar is about the only poster that has any real understanding of these boards. He has helped several people with disasters like using the wrong power adapter on these boards.


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Thanks, those posts were super helpful.  I decided to try using a SATA to USB bridge board from the 500 GB model (2.0) and I’m transferring data as I type this, so I can verify that this method of retrieval worked for me (original My Book was the 2TB 2.0 model). 

what is the solution , my usb port no longer works , if i put the hard drive in the computer without the cable it says its a hard drive that needs to be formated which i know is wrong how do you get the data off this hard drive that use to be in an extenal  case. please help i know there is 900 gigs of information on this drive , but the board no longer works

where did you get the other board ?

You have to buy another drive and gamble that the board will work. There are frequent changes so there is no gaurantee that it will work.