Data recovery on Sentinel DX4000


Having an issue getting my data off or operating normally with my DX4000, 3TB model with two WD3000F9YZ drives in it. I tried to copy some data to it a few days ago and the copy failed. Naturally, I went over to the box and shut it down, came back in a few to turn it back on again. While booting, Drive 2 lit up Red and i got the “Drive Failure Imminent” on the LCD display. Turned the box off and ordered a replacement. No problem. Today I go to backup the data that is on it just in case the rebuild fails. Boot up the machine, drive 2 doesn’t light up at all. Not red, just off completely. Still get the “Drive failure imminent” message. Remote into it and go to copy to the external drive, takes probably 5 minutes to log in. Dashboard never loads, splash screen sits, then program stops responding. Resource monitor says CPU is at 10%, RAM at 80%, Disk highest usage time pegged at 100%, but little usage or drive IO is being used. I started the copy to the usb drive, and it began, never calculated remaining time, and peaked at like 600KB/s. I shut the machine down for fear of losing data. Before shutting down i did notice that the LCD panel hung on verifying at 56% and change.

Why would the one drive not appear at all (no red light)? Shouldn’t the NAS still operate at a reasonable speed with a degraded array? Isn’t that the whole point of the RAID 1 array? Shouldn’t the NAS have warned me about the failing drive before the reboot?

At this point I’m just looking for advice, I have pictures on there that I really wish keep. Should i try reseating drive 2? I’ve heard people swapping drive positions with real servers in case one slot in the controller fails.

I appreciate any or all input.


Its hard to give advice on your situation. In theory your data should be safe.

First you should check that the drive is seated correctly.

If it is not working it needs to be replaced.

The DX should be able to recover.

You will need the “Drive Enabler” if your replacement is not on the Whitelist.

good luck

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I am fairly certain with mirrored drives you can simply put one in a usb dock and get your data but I have no experience to back that statement up.
My recommendation would be to get some version of raid recovery software. Most will allow you to see your data for free and pay to drag and drop

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You are right, I can read the data from a USB dock. I didn’t realize it was that easy, I assumed it would be more complicated being a RAID disk. New drive is ordered, and my data is duplicated as well. Thanks.


Thanks for verifying, glad all is well !