Data Recovery Gen 1 WDMC

I have a first gen WDMC currently hooked up to internal SATA on my Windows 11 PC. I’m running DiskInternals Linux Reader to access the drive. I can see all of the files, but I can’t transfer them without getting a message that “You need permission to perform this action.”

I’ve downloaded GitBash and ran “ls -la,” and everything is owned by me (user, not admin or root). How do I remove permissions so I can transfer and/or open my files?

Thank you!

You may have to use a Linux boot disc/flash drive and use Linux commands to remove or change the permissions on files/folders. There are various popular Linux distro’s that can be used to boot a PC and access the My Cloud hard drive connected to that PC. For example:

Or one can use the Linux boot disc/flash drive to copy the contents of the My Cloud hard drive to another location.

Has your first generation WDMYCLOUD quit working?

Mine still works and I have it set up for use on my home network. The image below shows how I move my files from the My Cloud to my computers. I use drag and drop. In the image I selected Address Labels and as it shows they will copy into my documents. Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.

Yes, I’ve had to remove it from its casing and directly install it into my pc via internal SATA. I can no longer use the firmware to connect with it and must use a Linux go-between to see my data.

I have a laptop running Linux Mint and when I use a USB/SATA adapter I can see the drive, but I can’t get it to mount or otherwise open it to see the contents. Maybe that is an easier problem to solve?

The first gen single bay My Cloud hard drive has, if I remember right, 7 or 8 partitions with the data partition (usually partition # 4) formatted for EXT4. You may have to manually mount the data partition in order to see it as the Linux OS may only auto mount the “RAID” partition (md0) and not mount the rest of the partitions. As a troubleshooting step. You may have to unmount what ever partitions that the Linux OS tried to auto mount when it booted the My Cloud drive, then manually mount the user data partition.

I put the drive back on my laptop which is running Linux Mint. It’s connected using a Sabrent SATA to USB adapter. On my laptop under the “Computer” tab, I can see four items: File System, my DVD drive, and two other items – one is Sabrent and the other is HGST HTS721010A9E630. Neither of these last two are mounted and both say they are unable to mount.

When I unplug the drive, the item labeled “Sabrent” disappears, so I assume this is the drive (or at least the USB device). Can you help me figure out how to mount this? I can open it on my PC (but I don’t have permission to view the files), so I know it’s possible to get in and the data is still there.

Thank you!

Various guides on how to mount a USB drive in Linux: