Data migration process for new My Cloud Mirror

My current My Cloud Mirror has a failing hard drive. It’s still in under warranty so I requested an Express RMA. I’ve received my new My Cloud Mirror device. What is the best way to migrate my data from the old device to the new one?

My old device was running RAID 1 with Auto-Rebuild turned on. That should allow for a new hard drive to be inserted and the data to be rebuilt automatically.

Should I use this process to migrate the data to the drives on the new device?

Would I need to import the device configuration data file I’ve backed up to the new device first?

Or, what would be the best method to install my new device and migrate my data?

Hello there,

The defective unit has 1 of the drives failed on the volume or perhaps the whole unit has failed? If it is only one of the drives, replace the drive that has failed with one of the replacement drive and the volume should rebuild itself.