Data Lifeguard for Windows flaws

I have just bought a WD20EARS and am using it as an external drive for the puproses of backup. I have put it in an Icy Dock enclosure connected to an Addonics card.

The drive exists with tw other hard drives in the external enclosure. Windows Vista can see all of the hard drives and can distinguish them by name. When I try to use Data Lifeguard for Windows, it sees all 3 drives as the same drive, and can not distinguish between them. I can hot-swap the 2 other drives out, so that DLGDIAG sees only my WD drive, but what a PITA.

DLGDIAG also asks me to accept the License Agreement each and every time I start it. Brilliant !

Is there going to be an update to this program ? I believe I have the latest version although in true DLGDIAG fashion it does not show me the version I am running from within the application.

have you tried testing the drive directly connected on the mother board?

sounds like an issue with the drives been connected to the enclosure