Data Lifeguard Diagnostics 35h through 55hours estimated on 6Tb drive

I have had potential issues with either the I/O port number 4 on my NAS, or the WD Red Pro 6Tb drive in that position. I downloaded Data Lifeguard Diagnostics, took the drive out of the NAS, loaded the drive into a USB 3 SATA enclosure, connected it to a USB 3 port, and began the diagnostics for Quick test first - all Ok, then the Extened test. It said this would take 55h to run!

I knew my laptop was not going to be available for that long, so I moved the drive to a protected UPS power outlet and prepared to run it again on a faster Windows box and let it run there as long as it needed. I thought it’s estimates were going to reduce down as it started to run, but it is now 35 hours into an estimated 55 hour runtime on the 6Tb drive.

I thought that there is not enough time in my lifetime to do this very often so started checking the expected run time for this and noticed that WD advises 1 hour for 1Tb, meaning this might take 6 hours.

So, something is very wrong with this drive or the interface for this drive.

As I have only had errors reported so far by the NAS, which the NAS support said could be the drive or the i/o port, I need to determine which it is and organise an RMA for whicher one (drive or NAS).

Is there a quicker way with a WD tool to prove whether the drive is in need of a Warranty repair?

The drive is about 1.7Tb full at present - Should I put more data on the driveso that more of the drive is in use and see if this records errors in the SMART drive repository?


This is the only tool that WD provides in order to diagnose the drive, however lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter. Regarding the second question, I don’t think this would make a lot of difference on the results.

With the WD tools failing, I proceeded to write to the disk from an enclosure (outside the NAS) and got the errors that the tools could not find. I got an RMA and now I am now wondering how long I should expect an RMA request to be handled? Nothing has happened for over 21 days now and my NAS is degraded. Are the RMA messages being seen or monitored? The only thing I have received was an RMA advice that was sent to me in error by a WD person and nothing since.