Data Lifegaurd test fail Caviar Black


So I have read some other posts on here to get an idea of what i should do but i just want to verify my problem and the solution. I have a 500gb caviar black edition and i have noticed more and more its getting slower with boot up times and windows 7 will take forever to fully load. It will freeze quite often. I tried reformatting it and at first everything seems fine but after a few days it will start showing problems again. So i began running tests. The Data Lifeguard test seemed pretty good so  tried it and after about 1 or so it fails. I tried it a bunch of times. Restarted the PC and tried again and still. I tried doing it from a bootable disc and i still get the same problem. I ran another test with it and gets past a few sectors very slowly and then freezes on one sector and doesnt continue. Im ready to RMA this thing! I just want to know if there are any other things i can do for it. Any tips would be great thanks! Let me know if you need more information. 

Hi all,

I have the 2TB Black ( WD2002FAEX-007BA0) that was purchased just about 2 months ago. a few weeks ago I started having issues just like yours (manofsteel08).

same thing windows hanging up on boot causing excessive boot times. Lifeguard fails its scans, chkdsk finds bad sectors, but it seems to be getting worse. There are no Smart errors!

anyway, i’ve been a loyal WD customer for over 15 years, i swap drives out every 3 yrs. I’ve never (knock on wood) had a failure. **bleep** is going on here, WESTERN DIGITAL?  get your S*** togather, you have (had??)  great products!!

**End of Rant**



If a drive fails a DLG test you may try changing cables and re-test.  If still fails the test the drive needs to replaced.