Dashboard will not connect to drive

I’ve had this for over a year connected via ethernet cable to my router. For the last week none of my connected devices can back up to it using Time Machine and I cannot connect via the dashboard to figure out what is wrong. All lights are blue. Initially I could still see the drive in Finder. I’ve done the 40 second resets several times per the guidance on this site, and now I can’t see the drive in Finder, though I can see the Time MAchine contents when I open the MyCloud Alias icon. I tried to directly connect the drive via ethernet to the iMAC and changing out the ethernet cable to no avail.
I Appreciate any help.

Hi swhough,

You can follow below article to get connected with the dashboard of My Cloud device.

Sorry but this article tells you how to log into Dashboard. My problem is I can’t get to the dashboard. That is, I can’t connect to my drive at Other articles talk about maybe a drive being bad or something, but I can’t tell if one of the two drives is bad since I can’t get to Dashboard.

Sounds like you tried reboot and reset of the EX2.

Dumb question: Are you sure of the IP address? Can you check by seeing what is logged into your router?

The article refers to addressing the device using the “name”. Try addressing it by web address in a browser window. i.e. normally “//DeviceName” will bring up the login window. If you type “//” into the browser. . .what happens? (you should get logon screen)

I have Windows machines. If I type the IP address of the device in a file explorer window. . .the root directory of the drive appears.

Next dumb steps: How about reboot of the router you are plugged into? Or switch ports you are plugged into.

(not sure I could tell you much more than this. . . )

Thanks for the guidance. I found that the backup drive was no longer mapped to the IP address it was before, which I had bookmarked. I got the right one as you recommended by seeing what was connected to my router.

Stuart Hough

Glad I could help.

This is 100% why I use static ip addresses for much of my network. DHCP (which assigns and manages random IP addresses) is great for iPhones and Laptops that hop from network to network. . much more annoying for things like NAS boxes and printers.