Dashboard suddenly painfully slow

Everything has been working fine for months…and yesterday, I deleted a bunch of files from my MyCloud.

Ever since I did this, the dashboard has been painfully slow to open. Sometimes it takes 1-2 minutes to open the front page of the dashboard…and sometimes it just times out.

I’ve done nothing new or unusual except delete a bunch of files and move a few files (5gb maybe) to the drive.

MyCloud.com works just fine…and it’s mostly fine with Explorer…it’s mainly the dashboard that’s creeping.

Any ideas?

Is this the device you have ? It probably is since you say you have had it for several months. You have posted to the new forum for My Cloud Home.

My suggestion, reboot you computer and then your My Cloud and try opening the Dashboard again and see if it is faster.


You are in the wrong section. The New MyCloud Home doesn’t even has a Dashboard UI and it was released in august.

For the classic My cloud and my cloud mirror, What is probably happening to you is that you might have enabled the cloud access or media service (DLNA). Even if you didn’t enabled the cloud access in Dashboard, it is automatically enabled if you login in the WD mobile app. You can access the dashboard and disable cloud access and media serving, reboot the device and your device will run smoothy again.

I have had this same problem since I bought a WD MYCloud Mirror 8 TB 2 Gen. I am using the cloud access disabled all the time because of that. My problems were related here.

I think I gonna buy the New Mycloud Home Duo, it has better processor and better RAM, and a simpler interface, it should run smoother than the My Cloud Mirror

Thanks – I’ve rebooted both several times. I’m on a fast network too so I’m not sure…I’ll have to keep experimenting. :wink:

Sorry about posting in the wrong area :slight_smile:
Though I do (and always have had) cloud access turned on, I always keep DLNA turned off. The thing is, I’ve change nothing recently and it was working fine a few days ago. The problems came about only after deleting and adding a bunch of big files. I’ve been away for a couple of days sine posting this, I’ll check it again…maybe it was in a bad mood that day lol

What sort of ‘big files’ were they?

If they are media files, the thumbnailing and indexing services may be trying to figure out what they are. If the files are corrupt (i.e. they’re bad media files), that can cause trouble for those processes, as the processes get confused.

If you turn off the cloud access, it should turn off the thumbnailing and indexing processes. Try that to see if your device responds any faster.

If you then turn the cloud access back on, it will start thumbnailing and indexing again. I don’t know whether this process is smart enough to know ‘where it was when cloud access was turned off’, and not have to do the entire process again for every file, or whether it’s dumb and just re-does everything…

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How can I know if I have a corrupt or bad media file?