Dashboard PAINFULLY slow

I have a MyBook live that I’ve only used for wireless time machine backups.  It stopped backing up when I upgraded to OS X Mavericks.  I plugged it in to my computer with a cable and discovered the last backup was a year ago!  It was a 489 GB backup, but the entire 2TB drive was full and I couldn’t figure out why.  I reset to factory fresh settings, but the dashboard is REALLY slow.  Like, any time you click anything it takes at least a minute or two for something to happen…it just says “please wait” while you look at the spinning beach ball.  Opening the dashboard also takes a minute or two.

I’m not sure about network speed…it doesn’t seem too terrible, but not exactly speedy either.  I’m currently coppying 235 GB of files over ethernet and it says it’ll take about 6 hours.

I’m using Firmware 02.10.12-129

I read to use DHCP, but it was alreay set to that.

The light by the network cable is green, as is the status light on the front of the drive.

I’m really not all that experienced with network settings, but how can I make this thing work?



Make sure you test the network connections on the router that you are connecting the unit. Try a different cable.

Also as a recommendation, try installing the latest firmware.