Dashboard doesn't display correct file types (but media server tab does)

Dashboard shows this:

Bez tytułu.png

While settings/media/DLNA Media Server shows the number of each media file types.
I did rebuild/rescan, no fix.

Anybody knows what to do now?

DLNA/Media server database scan is nothing to do with the content type display; that would require the Twonky DLNA media server to be properly integrated into MyCloud, which it isn’t… And it can be turned off…

That’s why those controls made no difference.

Sadly, I don’t know of a way to fix your problem.

I´ve got the same problem…

Sometimes it shows 0kb or much to high values ?!?

Hi, what firmware version are you running on the My Cloud?

my firmware is v04.04.00-308

exactly the same situation. and WD Sync not sync files 

same problem after upgrade to v04.04.01-112

Same problem, so no photos showing thumbnails in phone apps or windows app

My guess is that all of you guys have remote access turned off. Turn it on and the pie-chart will show correct categories.

Never been turned off


I found out something strange:
If the twonky-shares are set to only one folder but with all mediafile-types I get this one:

but the size which the dashboard shows is complete wrong…

If twonky-shares are set to different-folders with only one mediafile-type I get this one:

Best regards

No. Wrong. I do have remote access on. As you can see, it’s WD problem, like all other fails of the MyCLoud systems.