Dashboard connection problems

Hi :blush:
I’m new to this community, and hope to get some help :slight_smile:
I’ve been MacBook user since january, and bought my My Cloud 4 TB in april.
It has never worked quite as I want it to. I always shut it Down when I go to bed, and turn on the power next afternoon, when back from work :blush: I don’t need it turned on, when sleeping or working. In the start I used the Quick menu and just “shut Down” from there, but I always had problem getting a password accepted, so I started to open the Dashboard insted (also from the Quick menu) and then shut Down from there. But I couldn’t always open the Dashboard, got a 404 error, can see other’s had the same, and then I can’t shut it Down properly but have to just turn off the power, wich I certainly don’t like. The firmware is updated. With the new firmware I thought it Would be better, but only a short while. I’m not that good at Reading manuals etc. in english (live in Denmark) and certainly not a Pro when it comes to fixing this kind of problems, it’s a bit too advanced for me, so I hope to get some pices of good advice :blush:


Your router has probably assigned a different IP address. Find out what it is from your router, and enter

[IP address]/UI/

in a web browser window.

Leaving it on consumes about 10 W.

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You could use DHCP reservations. To assign a specific IP address based on the MAC address of your My Cloud. This way it will always get the same IP address when it start up again.


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Well I can’t log into my router, as the company that delivers the internet og televison to our house has delivered the router and I don’t have access to the settings.

The router is placed close to my husbands bedroom, and he is very disturbed by it, when turned on at night, and basically I don’t want this disc to make the rules here :wink: It’s not so much the 10 W it’s using.

You could use DHCP reservations. To assign a specific IP address based on the MAC address of your My Cloud. This way it will always get the same IP address when it start up again.

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I’m not quite sure if I can do that, when I can’t change settings in my router. I can log into my dashboard today, great :-), so I can see, there are settings there with DHCP, but what you suggest, will that not require a fixed IP address ?

I have been logged into my providers personal page for me, and I can order a fixed IP address, but when I assign it to my computers MAC address, will that give other problems for our other devices in the house ?

You can see, I’m rather a novice to this here stuff :wink:

By the way, I have upgraded my OS to El Capitain, don’t know if that can by some of the reason, but I’ve had problems all the time.
When I’m logged out of the dashboard time machine makes the back-ups OK, I can see. And when I’m logged in the dashboard some times I cannot achieve acces to my content on MyCloud in Finder.
I thought MyCloud would be easy to use, I’m afraid I was a little too optimistic :smile:

Anyway thanks for the possibility to get some help here :wink:

That will be a global IP address for your router on the internet. You do not need that to fix this problem.

IP addresses apply to a network. There’s the global Internet (Wide Area Network, or WAN) IP addressing, one of which is allocated to your router by your ISP.
Your router creates a local network (LAN) within your house, using a completely different set of IP addresses.

You need to fix the local IP address allocated to your MyCloud by your router. Since these local IP addresses are allocated by your router, you need to access your router’s control panel, and ‘reserve’ the IP address it has assigned to your MyCloud.

Your router may have been supplied by your ISP, but I think it’s unlikely that they would have it completely locked down so that you can’t change any settings. That wouldn’t be very good customer service, and would be a very restrictive deal.

Is it the router that disturbs your husband, or the MyCloud? Both could be moved away from the cable connector, using longer cables. My router has lights that flash, which I guess could be disturbing, but the whirring MyCloud disk could certainly be disturbing. A longer cat5e or cat6 cable will allow you to put it further from the router.

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At my work, we have a fixed IP address set in Windows in network settings . Is it the same you mene, and is it possible to set it the same way on Mac, in network settings ?

I mean each computer and network printer etc has an IP attached.

You want to go into the dashboard and set up the static IP.


I probably would, but I just don’t know what happens if I do :wink:
… and I don’t know what IP address to select :thinking:

At work I just help our IT-provider to set up the computers, I don’t have to make that many of my own decisions in that area :wink:

Are you absolutely certain your router is locked down?

What model is it?

If you turn it over, is there a panel on it with the name of the router (that you see when you connect to it by WiFi), an SSID key (that you enter in order to gain access to the wifi) and an administrator key?

As for what IP address to give, you need to find out what sort of addresses your router is allocating.

Go to your computer, and start up a command shell. Then enter the command:


This will tell you what IP address the computer is using. It will be one of three forms:


You will need to pick an address that doesn’t conflict with (isn’t the same as) the IP addresses used by other devices on your network.