Dashboard becomes very slow during USB backups

I’ve had many MyCloud NAS drives from the original single-drive to my current Gen 2 Mirror with 8T. They have all had the same issue. When I connect a USB drive for backups the dashboard becomes very, very slow to the point where even the browser (and I’ve used all the popular ones) complains the host is not responding. I’ve always used WD Passport drives for the backup destination.

Also, I’ve learned to not connect the USB drive until after I log into the dashboard and navigate to the backup pane. Otherwise, if the drive is connected earlier, this navigation process is painfully slow, taking up to half an hour before being able to start the backup. This sluggish behaviour is embarrassing to see in modern hardware. Don’t know what WD is thinking to release a product with such a flaw for so long.

Eventually, this non-responsiveness seems to cause the backups to fail. A reboot of the system will usually restore some vigor and allow backups to succeed, but in time it will revert back to its glacial pace. I keep hoping for a firmware update to fix this, but no luck so far. Anyone have a similar experience and some insights?


Attaching an external USB drive to a My Cloud will trigger a media scan if Cloud Service (remote access) is enabled resulting in the slow performance of a My Cloud dashboard.


I just read your answer and solution link. This is really an unacceptable solution. Your customers should not need to jump through hoops, turning off services and restarting the drive just to do a backup. When done you are asking we do the reverse. Unacceptable! Fix this.

When you plug a USB drive into a PC the UI isn’t brought to its knees into a crawl while it scans the disk. These mirror drives are powered by an Intel Celeron which, while dated, are no slouch. The OS is Linux. There is no excuse for this sluggish performance. Its telling of sloppy programming.

At the very least, ask if you want a media scan performed on drive connection.

Performance during USB backups has now deteriorated to the point where the system is effectively crippled every time I attempt to backup to the external drive. Backups almost always fail on the first attempt.

It is unfortunate that WD considers this acceptable behaviour and asks us to jump through hoops, changing our NAS settings before and after, to make this work.

OS5’s USB Backups app seems to have fixed this. No problem with backups anymore.
My only issue (minor) with it is the user interface. To access the backup controls you need to click the “Configure” button. Ok once you get used to it, but weird.