Dashboard No USB Drive Found

Latest Dashboard, No USB Drive Found error. Select Derive option is grey out.
I have plugged in my healthy Kingston DataTraveler DT101 G2 USB to different USB ports in my PC and even format using NTFS/FAT32.

I also tested with Sandisk Ultra USB pen driver and a portable 2.5inch SATA (With WD HDD inside) only then the drive can be detected. This weird result bring me to an interesting question: Does the Creating bootable USB tool only work with Sandisk/WD brand of USB device & It will not accept all other brands?

All, I have tested with a PNY pen drive, it can be detected. The Kingston DataTraveler drive is becoming unreadable & even fail to complete low level format process. I decided to dispose of it.

Looks like Dashboard does not restrict any brand of device, it was just my Kingston have issue.

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