Damaged Blocks...i need help


i need some help

Yesterday my disk started to disconnect and then it says that chkdsk must scan it…

So…it scanned and said that there are 4KB in Damaged Blocks (or sectors)
I lost the warranty(yeah i’m a fool) and i hear that i need to do a Low-Level Format… is there anything from WD to do this?
I hear about someone for Seagate called MaxBlast…but…i need it for my WD 5000 AAKS…

apologies for my bad english

please someone tell me

if you using the disk for more then 3 years, it’s time to change it.

No… it’s a new disk i bought it on february… IT HAD NEVER HAD ANY FAULT…until yesterday that i heared a click (The same click when you disconnect a disk) that the plates slow…and then it said that there are 4KB in Damaged BLocks…i heared about DLG.

download the wdc checkin software

probably will need to do an rma on it like i’ve just had to do