Daisy Chain by Firewire and then connect with FW to Thunderbolt Adapter

I have a total of 4 G-Tech external hard drives on a new iMac. I would like to chain two together to free up a port. One is an older 2TB with what appears to be 2 Firewire 800 ports and the other is a newer 4TB with what appears to be 2 Firewire 800 ports. I would like to change these two together and then connect to iMac using a FW to Thunderbolt adapter. Past attempts result in only recognizing the directive the is directly connect to the iMac port. Past attempts on older iMac connect to iMac FW port had the same results. Am I trying to do something that is not feasible? Appreciate any answer or suggestions.


In order for a daisy chain to work the same interface has to be used the entire chain. Since you are using an adapter that will not work.

It will only work if it is FW800 the whole way or Thunderbolt the whole way. Adapting it will stop the chain from working.