Daily backup of a directory, but saved with different date

I’m looking for a backup app or an addition to the USB backup app. What I need is a daily backup of a directory (say, at midnight) that the app does, but it overwrites the previous save. I need it to backup the directory, but with a different directory name (the date perhaps). It will allow me to go back to previous days and see the worksheets and calendars before they were changed. Its only a few files so it wont take up much room. Perhaps it could automatically delete the oldest backup (say 10 days worth) to keep the backup drive from filling. Is there a way to do this automatically?
Thank you


We regret to inform you that we do not have backup application.

However, you can install WD Acronis True Image software in order to back up the drive data ( Please confirm the compatibility of the drive with the Acronis True Image software)