D Mailer Sync Stopped Working

Hello new to this have searched other posts and do not seem to find the answer. Have Windows Vista, ( quickly to be changed to 7) My Passport has worked ok but today when I ask it to synchronize it commences then gives the message,

“Dmailersynce 9.1.18359 has stopped working windows closing program” can anybody offer and advice thanks.


This could be the reason why you have not seen other posts


Never the less try installing the reinstalling that software for a basic fix.

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Thanks for your quick response being a little thick are they saying my Passport is now of no value as I use it to back up important files and messages. Also I think you are suggesting re installing the passport software would I loose what is already on the external drive and how do I do it without deleting what is already installed, sorry if I have not grasped the answer.


The passport works just fine. But the company Dmailer is the one that made that software you should try to get information from there site.