Cyrillic Subtitles not showing correctly

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This is my first post and I hope you all can help me.

I am having problems with with Bulgarian Cyrillic subtitles. I can get them to play but the encoding is not working. i.e. i get some weird looking characters.

I have experienced this previously with players like VLC. When i enable Cyrillic (Windows-1251) in the subtitle options menu everything works fine.

From my reading WDTV has encoding for Cyrillic (Windows-1251).

My question is this…what am i doing wrong? The media file is of a compatible format and the subtitles are of a compatible format.

I can get a .mp4 movie with .srt subtitle to play happily in VLC. In theory WDTV live should be able to play this.

Please help. I bought this so I can watch films together with my Bulgarian wife and shes hopping mad…

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If changing the sub to UTF-8 encoding with Notepad++ doesn’t work you’d need to make bitmap subs from your SRTs using AVIaddXsubs or similar.

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Hi Techflaws,

Many thanks for your quick reply.

I will try your suggestions. I might take a bit of googling but I will give it a try. If i get anywhere I will report back.

Also,love the blog!

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Here’s a link to the Software Techflaws mentioned …

i’m not a subtitle expert, i mainly have used only *srt subtitles for the few movies that have some foriegn parts (or alien parts eg Avatar, Star Wars etc)

But , i have played around with sub / idx for 3D movies (using 3D Subtitler) … but i *muxed* the sub’s into the movie (mkvmerge)

Unsure, if sub / idx can be used *externally*  ie. without muxing

Anyways, don’t get too stressed (i know your wife is upset) … but the solution is not far away, it just will take a little time to get familiar with what needs to be done.

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Thanks Gents,

Give me a little time and i will report back.

Have a great weekend!

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