Cyclic redundancy check error?

I got a crc error message. Is my external hard drive in danger?

i’m getting the same thing

I would definitely contact WD about this.  And I would make sure to have all your data backed up elsewhere. 

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Hi Guys,

Did you work out what the problem was?? I have the same problem.

I have the 1.5TB drive.

I did contact their support on the 1800 number for Australia. Dont expect any help there - well that was my experience anyway. Quite rude actually.

They just did the old chestnut - “It must be a Microsoft problem” What the … Hey look it probably is Microsoft/Vista but surely if it is a known issue they would try and come up with a fix or some sort of instructions. They in know way offered any help. 

Surely this product is built to run on windows?? I asked if they had ever experienced this problem and she advised that no it is not known to there technical department. I pointed out that it must be as it is on this forum.

I can copy and paste individual files/folders into the drive but it does not work for a backup program. I used vista’s own backup utility, acronis and macrium. So unless I want to sit there everytime and manually copy and paste a drive across this peice of hardware is useless.

Think twice before take the cheap option. I guess you pay for what you get huh!!

Did you ever find a solution?