Custom apps and download types

What type of apps can be created, are there any available for download?

Also, there is a new downloads icon - what sort of things can we download, and from where are you able to download?


Information is still a bit scarce since this was recently implemented. I know the apps are related to the following website:

However, I have not created an account myself.


I have not done any scripting in about 8 years and I am far behind the times. My only question is if this type of option will alllow me to build an app which will access a Streaming TV station which runs 24/7 online, and locate its live streaming video which runs in a small window on the home page, then of course make sure it plays full screen. At this time I use PlayonTV to access it and redirect the stream to WDTV, but that is of course a pain in the butt. I written to both the Website and PlayonTV and it doesn’t seem there will be access for me from either of them. So this would be great if it can be done.

Thanks for any info regarding this


WD did a terrible job of providing supporting information to document what the downloaded apps option is.

I went to their linked page, which according to them would provide more information. All it provided was a registration page, which if processed, allowed you to download a set of SDK files.

It appears that they’re opening up some parts of the player so that 3rd party app developers can start building in new features. It’s a great idea in concept but at this point it only seems useful to programmers and will only be of use to the general public if/when those apps start appearing.

I hear you, went through the same thing … very frustrating when companies care so little about the hours they can cause their customers spend uselessly.