Crossover cable OK? (My Book World Edition I)

I connected my My Book World Edition I to my computer via a crossover cable.  It runs VERY slow.

When I bought my My Book World Edition I and Gigabit network PCI card at Staples, I told the guy that I don’t have a 1000 Mbit switch.

He said that a Cat 5 crossover cable would work.

I connected everything together and was able to copy files to the My Book just fine.

However, when I copy a large file, I see that the transfer rate is very slow.

Previously I had been using an external hard drive connected via a USB port.  My older Dell computer only has USB 1.0 so it was quite slow.  So I thought that buying the 1000 Mbit My Book would be a lot faster.  Instead it is a lot slower.  A 15 GB file copy took about 10 hours.  When I copy 15 GB between two computers at work (all gigabit) it takes nowhere near that long.

I have mapped a drive and am copying the file via the windows explorer, not ftp.

I would buy a gigabit switch if I was sure that it would help, but I thought I should post here first in case this is a common problem with a simple solution.

First make sure your PC’s network interface is connecting to the WD at 1GB/s, full duplex as follows:

  • Hover mouse over the icon for your NIC - it should say ‘connected, 1000 mbs’ or similar.  Equivalently, right-mouse the icon and select Status. Result should be similar

  • Go into Properties of NIC, then into Configure.  Out of all the options, look for ones like Speed and Duplex.  The default is Auto-negotiate.  Change them to 1 GB/Sec and to Full Duplex

Try now.  If there’s no improvement, maybe your cable is faulty.  Try a different one. By the way, the WD and/or your NIC might have ‘smart’ ports, which means you don’t have to use a cross-over cable.

If there’s still no improvement, maybe your PC is too ancient (you mentioned it has USB 1.0) and cannot satisfactorily utilize a high-speed NIC. 

Thanks for the reply.  I appreciate you taking the time.

The problem turned out to be something sort of weird.  While I was copying the large files to the WD drive, I was also copying some files from my USB drive.  I didn’t think that copying from the very-slow USB 1.0 drive would put much of a CPU load on the computer.  I thought that copying from a USB port and copying to an ethernet port would be completely independent, but apparently not.

Thanks again!!

BTW, just for the benefit of anyone who searches for this in the future… I tried a normal (non-crossover) cat5 cable and it does work.