Credentials required to access a Public share

Hi Experts,

Why is it that when trying to access the default Public share, it asks for a username/password?

It works fine when I use one of the User accounts created in the dashboard but, from what I read, no login should be required for a public share. It’s not remote access; PCs and the EX2 are on the same LAN

Am I, missing something here?



No…Public share doesn’t mean anonymous access, which is what you are thinking of. Public share is only open to users setup in the dashboard…not just anybody. And in the latest firmware, you can even choose to make the Public share private if you like, granting access to only select user(s) and not all EX2 users.

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This is incorrect.  It is infact open to anyone.  You do not even need to be a user. 

What version of firmware allows me to make Public share>private?  I am supposedly up-to-date and cannot do this.

It was accurate back in July of last year using the firmware at the time. So please don’t come into an old thread and make a claim about something being “incorrect” 5-6 months later. I don’t have the latest firmware so I cannot actually verify if this behavior has changed, but I strongly doubt it has. If this truly is an issue, you need to start your own new thread rather than resuscitate an old thread whose accuracy might have expired with newer firmware (though I doubt it has).

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I am happy for you.  Behavior change verified. 

To be clear, the point of resurrecting this thread was to discover the successful version that you do have. 


Sorry to punch in!

I must ask as I am slightly confused reading thru the dialog between you two:  Is a “PUBLIC” share same as an " ANONYMOUS" share or not?

I only ask because when I see the word “public”, I tend to refrain from going near it due to the possible security implication that any Joe/Jane can have access!  Ditto for MyCloudEX2 setup!