Creating Raid 5 volume

Hello there,
I bought a “My Cloud Ex4 12TB”.
The connect and access went smoothly.
There were no configuration on the harddrives.
With the web interface and existing wizard, i was able to configure the harddrives and start the creation of the Volume.
I have 4 times 3TB harddrives and want to configurate it with a “Raid 5”.
Since the 26.Oktober it is now working to create the RAID 5 volume.
The display of the web interface in the Raid-Wizard is still 0% despite full CPU usage of the device.

Is this normal that it takes so long?

Thanks for the help.

It is not normal for the process to be at 0% after 4 days. However, aborting the process is not recommended. It may be possible for the unit to have a display error with regards to the actual progress though, so I’d recommend waiting a few more days. If it’s still at 0% then I’d recommend contacting WD Support.