Creating One Large Drive

I recently filled up my 3 TB MyBook Studio and was happy to know I could daisy-chain another MyBook Studio into the existing one.  I was under the assumption (I know, never assume) that by daisy-chaining these two MyBook Studios together via Firewire 800, it would show up on my iMac as one large 6 TB drive.  Instead, it shows up as two separate drives, each 3 TB.

Is this an incorrect assumption?  Do I need to reformat both drives into a Raid configuration?  What happens if I want to add another drive down the road but can’t back up my 6 TB of data before reconfiguring the Raid?

This is no RAID configuration

Please take a look at this link for more info

But I can create a raid configuration through disk utilities on my imac With these drives daisy chained together. 

In that case see if possible to set as Raid 0 or this one


I have basically the same question, two mybook studio (2 TB and 6TB) daisy chained that I would like to configure as one large drive / filesystem. I know this should be possible as the 6TB already contains 2 disks. 

Every suggestion is highly appreciated. 


Frans van Wessel