Creating equal sized partitions Q


My plan to buy WD20EARX next week and use as storage space for media n such. I have few questions before installing it into my machine.

I would like to know, how can I create 100% equal sized partitions?
How can I determine the ammount of disc inside? 

I wanna create 1 partition/disc. I know the way how can i create partitions under windows. My current WD1001FALS have the following ones:

1x 32.263,3 MB system

3x 204.792,3 MB user settings + installed programs + various media

1x 307.211,7 MB temporary media + working space + unshorted

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Hi there, the best way to create equal-sized partitions is to well… Calculate the space manually and then apply the settings on disk management when you initialize and format the drive :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reply
Hovever as you can see above i can create equal sized partitions but can’t split to half, third, or quarter the HDD space equally. It is no way to know exactly where is the second and third disc starts and there is some loss when you create partitions. 8mb or so. Another thing which makes your work even harder that the 2 terrabyte is not 2 terrabyte. …how can i explain what i mean…? You can see on my list about partition that i have on my HDD the partition sizes are 1x ~32GB 3x 200GB and 1x 300GB which is not equal to 1000GB aka 1TB. The missing GBs can’t be the results of bad formating.

It has to be a software somewhere which can do the job or if im lucky some WD professional will look at this topic :smiley:

I wil set a signature with “i have cheap english” or so :smiley:

Unable to find the edit button so…

*1024GB aka 1TB

But that’s only Windows because it uses binary numbers intead of decimal numbers. If you format that very same drive on an operating system that works with decimal numbers (Like OSX and Linux) you’ll see the whole 2TB.

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