Creating a USB Backup of My Cloud

I have a 1Tb WD Passport that has data from a hard drive failure recovery. Should I do a NTFS format for compatibility?

Without knowing what specific My Cloud model you are using, I’ll assume you are using a single bay/single drive My Cloud model. The single bay/single drive My Cloud supports the following USB external hard drive formats: NTFS, HFS+, or FAT32.

**External USB Drive File Systems Supported on a My Cloud^^

Note that one will loose all data on the USB drive when they reformat the drive. Make sure to backup any files on the USB drive before formatting or reformatting it.

The My Cloud includes a backup option called Safepoint (first gen v3.x/4v.x fiwmare) or Backup (second gen v2.x firmware) that will copy the contents of the My Cloud to a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud’s USB port. See the embedded My Cloud Dashboard Help or the My Cloud User Manual for your device for more information on how to use this Safepoint /Backup feature. One will need to use a USB hard drive that is as large as the data to be backed up from the My Cloud.

And if by chance one has a My Cloud Home. The My Cloud Home is a completely different device than the My Cloud line of devices. It has different features and options.

Bennor… THANKS for the reply and help. My system is a single drive My Cloud with firmware 2.21.111, so it would be the Backup. I just wanted to make sure that the USB drive needs to be formatted BEFORE doing the backup because the Cloud is unable to perform the format.