Creating a safe point on a windows 7 PC spare hard drive from my network drive

HI all,
I am trying to create a safe point on one of two connected desktop PC’s…This PC is Win 7 Pro and has a hard drive in it that is unused…What I am trying to achieve is simple… I have over 20,000 family photos gathered over a 16 year period that are all stored on my WDmycloud network drive…You can imagine what would happen if my network drive goes down, so I want to create the a safepoint away from the network drive…
I click on create a safepoint from the WDmycloud dashboard…
I click on scan network, then faced with “Select Device”…
It then shows me my two connected PC’s the one i want is… “MAIN-PC” and then can see the drive letters i want “E”
I click on this option and then faced with “Share Login” screen…

This is where I get stuck because I have never set a password to access this machines drive… please help…many thanks Mark

Have you tried your Windows Login User and Password? or are you stating that the PC has no Login when it boots up?

To be honest I never heard of a “Safepoint” being created back to a PC … it is usually to a USB Drive connected to the MyCloud or another NAS on the network. But there is no reason, that I know of, that would stop you from using a PC’s HDD.

Hi thx for ur reply… the only reason for doing it back to a pc is because
I have a spare hard drive which has nothing on it. using the Windows login
for that pc does not make any difference just keeps saying wrong username
or password… windows login is the only login that I use.