Creating a backup rule from a USB reader

I have a WD My Passport.

Is it possible to create a backup rule, using the WD backup software, from a USB memory card reader?

Let’s say I have both the USB memory card reader, and the My Passport, connected.

Can it know exactly which memory card I’m putting into the card reader, and thus backup certain things (or even all files) based on that? So what I mean is that if I’m using the Memory Card reader with Memory Card # 1, then I want all files backed up. If I’m using the Memory Card reader with Memory Card # 2, then I want all files backed up.

Maybe even to simplify things, can I create a backup rule for anytime I insert a memory card into the memory card reader? Because generally anything I use the memory card reader for, are things I’d want backed up.

Basically, I’m trying to save the step of having to copy files from the memory card reader to the PC hard drive, and then have a backup rule for the PC hard drive folder.

Hi nuraman00,

Please know that it is recommended to use WD Backup software with WD drives only.

Moreover, You can contact WD’s Technical support from the link given below for such concern.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.


Yes, I wanted to use the WD Backup software with the WD My Passport drive.

What I wanted to do was back up a memory card that’s inserted via a USB reader, ONTO the WD My Passport that’s connected via another USB port, by creating a rule on the Backup Software.

I also tried calling technical support before creating this post. They were unable to provide a solution.

You will be allowed to select your SD card drive under My Computer appeared after connecting SD card to PC.

Thank you. Can I create a backup rule that if My Passport is connected, anytime I insert a SD card, it automatically backs up onto the My Passport?

Or, even if I can select which SD cards get backed up (maybe by an internal ID or something), that’s fine too.

If not, and I have to use the software to manually trigger a backup, that’s ok too. I’m just trying to see if I can have it automatically done if possible.