Create shares NFS

I bought recently a My Cloud Home WD to create file share but the app for desktop doesn’t exist anymore.
Have we another way to activate NFS Shares?

This is nonsense of course. There has never been any NFS support in the My Cloud Home (MCH). Any simple search of this subforum would have turned up discussion from 6 years ago on this topic.

The MCH is OS4, a cut down version of WD NAS OS that is very much different from OS3 and OS5.

I found this informations with images that show us how to enable the NFS Shares
My Cloud: configurar o serviço NFS (
Maybe you should see because seems that was possible before.
Thank you for your response

Are you not able to tell the difference between OS5 from OS4?

My Cloud = OS3, OS5

My Cloud Home = OS4