Create a link to a folder

I use the WD backup software to backup my pictures folder, but it ends up replicating the same path as my host computer. 

My question is… Is there some way to create a link to that folder so that I can let the “smart” backup continue to keep the pictures in sync, but have, and give, quick access to just the pictures?

Not sure what you are trying to do

smartware will create the same directory structure (a couple of levels deeper)

smartware will update the picture after a change on the PC the next time it runs or continuosly if set

if you are changing the copy on the mycloud it won’t sync that

what are you trying to do with “quick access to just the pictures”?

Sorry, I guess I was not clear…

I like the WD Smartware backup software that keeps all of my files on the computer current on the cloud drive, but the path that it keeps the files matches what is on my computer. I would like to have an alias to the picture folder on the cloud rather than having to click through the whole path.




Ultimatly, I would like to give others access to my picture, but I don’t want to give them access to the rest of my files that are part of the Smartware backup.

permissions are set on the share level so even if they went directly to pictures they could still go to a higher level folder and see everything

smartware is really intended for backups and not a working area

i suggest creating a share for pictures and copy the pictures to this share, then you have full control, then just periodicaly update the pictures.

I actually have a pictures, movies & music shares in addition to the users and smartware

I have a small script that runs daily to update files in the other shares and smartware constantly updates. this means I actually have 3 copies of most files. PC, mycloud working area and smartware. If I was low on space i would just get ride of the smartware backups as I don’t really need them