Crashing network and cannot access remotely

I have just purchased a Duo and was having trouble with it making our netowrk drop off line at home, as soon as i pluged it into the router we had no internet access :frowning: I took it to the office and it works a treat so i dunno what is going on there ??? I am now trying to access it from home ( cos it works ok at the office i left it there) but i am getting somethiong about a Java JAR file blocking my access. Can some one please shed some light on this for me. I am not that tech savvy so i hope it is not too difficult.



If you are losing your internet connection then it is most likely due to an IP address conflict. I would recommend setting your WD My Book Live Duo Personal Cloud Storage with a static IP configuration and DNS servers in order to ensure it will not conflict with your network.

Remote web access is JAVA-dependent, so if the JAR files are being blocked because of security settings, then unfortunately remote access will not be possible in that system/network.

You need Java to be able to use the remote access function, so when you get that popup, check the “I accept…” box at the bottom and click run.You might have to reload the page afterwards for it to fully work.  You can alse use WD My Cloud desktop app to access the drive remotely.