Crash when flac file tagged with large back cover

i have a folder of singles. i browsed through the tracks and suddenly my WD TV Live restarted.

i finally isolated the problem. there are 2 flac files which are tagged with a front and a back cover. if i remove the back, it’s still ok. if both are in there, my device will restart as soon as i reach them in browsing.

here are the 2 covers in a zip:

i used mp3tag 2.46a for tagging my files.

please investigate and fix this, coz this is quite annoying. thanks in advance.

anyway, is this the right place to file bug reports, or …?

Not really;  WD does “Monitor” this forum, but you’re best bet is to follow-up by filing an official support request through

The only thing I can say about your pictures is that they are on the large size to tag a music file. Thats a 4.5Meg download with high res photos.

that’s true, but it shouldn’t cause my media center to crash.

But it might!