Crash using iSCSI on DL4100

I recently started using iSCSI targets, so I can mount them from Debian (Raspbian) and Ubuntu systems, and do an rsync backup preserving owner and groups (which isn’t happening when connecting through nfs).

Recently my DL4100 has started crashing hard whenever iSCSI activity is taking place. By “crashing hard” I mean, totally not responsive to network traffic, and won’t respond to presses of the buttons on the front panel to cycle through the LCD information. Only recourse is to power cycle it, and take the 10 minute hit of it verifying volume integrity.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas how to stop it? Is there a hot fix available?


Is this happening with any activity related to iSCSI targets, or does it happen when using specific services or commands?

It’s happening when I have an iSCSI target mounted, and have disk activity happening to that target (i.e. an rsync from a workstation on my network).