Crash report wdtv live

I had many problem with the 2.3.32 version of my WDTV Live
by browsing the various forums I learned that it was possible to return to a later firmware
so I made the handling
usb fat32 with the firmware which was detected immediately

the problem is that there was an electricity cut during reformatting
when the unit go on I had this screen

I try again to plug the USB key (before and after ignition of the case ) without success

Please have you a solution to offer me

thanks a lot
(and sorry for my English)

Happened to me too…
You have to delete everything on your usb key.
Put the latest firmware 2.02.32 on your usb key… (not the one you want to downgrade).

Boot the device, when you see the screen insert the usb key (wait 1 min) then reboot the device but keep the usb key in the device… It should reinstall the firmware.

Once it’s done, erase your files on the usb key and you can try again to downgrade the firmware.

Thank You Matrix
i’ll try it

I don’t find the 2.02.32 firmware
the only one i find is the release 1.02.17 for the wd tv media player

there is no trace of the 2.02.32
if you got a lead
you will help me

wow, the link to the web page is no longer working ???
it was :

maybe someone has a direct link for the download !?
I’m not sure but maybe I have a copy on my computer, I’ll take a look when I’m back at home


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Thank you very much