Cover flow/Cache and themes

Thinking of buying a wd tv live hub or boxee box. I now have a wd tv gen 1.

Hope for some help about the cover flow/cache.

  1. Are there cover and info cache on the hub or do it need to get that from the internet every time you use the hub?

  2. How fast is it to load the covers? and how fast is it to scroll in the covermenu?
    The wd tv i have is quite slow :slight_smile:

  3. Can I use thumbgen/ember media manager or so to get the covers/info/scraping? or is it better to let the hub get the info?

at last have any of you used some of the other themes. And are they any good.

Thx alot :smileyvery-happy:

  1.  No, it fetches it from the internet.   But it only does it once;  once you’ve fetched it, it stays.

  2.  It takes a few seconds to scroll through pages…

  3.  Yes, you can, but the output needs to be modified a little bit; the XML is not quite what the hub wants.

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thx Tony

All sounds good.

Hope to see more themes in the future.