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I have now have the WD Live TV Hub, and i love it, im using it with at Synologi Nas drive, and i can easy see movies from that source, my only problem is that i can’t se the covers.

Im using ThumbGen to make a sheet, i have added the movie and the search for info/data/images and it have found the things i generate the movie and i then get 3 files.

in ThumbGen i have selected input/output naming, main moviesheet to WDLXTV-Live Generic dynamic sheet/all modes…
I then take the 3 files and save em to my synologi NAS drive …/Video/Thriller/Moviename folder/ i can see the movie but no cover art/sheet, then i same em to …/Video/Thriller/ i can then again see the movie but no cover art/sheet, what do i do wrong !?

My WD Live TV Hub is with the today’s newest FW, can someone help me, what do i do wrong.

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You are generating the sheet with the wrong name.  It should be:


The “.tmgd” file is only a Thumbgen file.

You also have to set Thumbgen to generate an “.xml” file.  You have to set this in the options of TG, and select TG to output a “.nfo” (.nfo will actually output as an .xml if you have it set in the Options).

However, to use sheets you have to make sure that you are using one of the modified Themes that work with moviesheets, since the HUB does not display moviesheets natively.

The only thing that you can use with a non-moviesheet theme is Cover art (or Cover boxes) generated with Thumbgen.  Those still have to be named the same as above.

You should also post any of your questions regarding this in the the THEMES forum.


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