Couple of questions before I buy about Mutliple drives

I own 4x 1TB WD MyBooks. Each has different media on them that I have collected for years, mostly photographs. I’m looking for a device that can take all 4 at once (and hopefully more in the future). 


  1. Can this device see more than 1 drive per USB port if a USB Hub is used (I realise it only has 2 ports) - Does this mean just 2 drives?
  2. Does it automatically share the drives over the network with ease of transfer from my PC and Laptop?

The reason I have to ask these questions is because I’m building this set-up into my walls!
I need to know in advance as I’m going to chase out my walls for these drives that will be a permanent fixture with hidden wiring!

Help ASAP would be hugely appreciated. Planning on purchasing the next few days.

No, you cannot use USB hubs. 

As to FILE transfers to/from attached drives, it is SUPPOSED to work, but several people have reported that it’s very slow, others have tested and found it to be very fast…  So, your mileage (or opinion) on that matter my vary.