Couple of Functionality Questions

Hello everyone,  I’ve been using the SMP for a little while, tried a few themes, have had some struggles, but would like to ask if anyone could answer some questions for me.

  1.  Is there a way to force the SMP to only look at certain folders on my Computer when I open Videos, and then a separate folder when I open music?

I.E.  If I create 3 folders on my computer and call them Music, Movies, and Photo’s, is there a way to only see the music folder when I open up music, only the photo’s folder when I open up photos, and only the movies folder when I open up Videos?  As it stands right now, all three get opened every time I open either Videos, music, or photos on the SMP.  

  1.  When you hit options and let the SMP find movie info and cover the SMP only returns one cover.  I just did it for a movie and the cover returned was French.  Not much use.  Is this just WD dropping the ball here?  The SMP returns dozens of backdrops, why do we not get a choice in covers?

  2.  Speaking of letting the SMP get cover info, I recently let the SMP get the cover and info for a movie as an experiment.  I had a bunch of movies in a folder called “movies” and in that folder was a .jpg called folder.jpg with the image I wanted for the folder.  Once I let the SMP get the movie info, it not only applied that cover image to the movie, but it changed my folder jpg to that cover as well.  Checking my PC I still see the correct folder.jpg, but my SMP shows the movie cover box instead of my movie folder jpeg.  Does the SMP just look for the first METATHUMB file and use that for the folder, even if there is a “folder.jpeg” file?  It certainly looks that way to me right now.

Thank you to anyone who is able to answer my questions!

  1.  As long as those folders only contain that type of media, then only that folder will be displayed.   In other words, if your Photos folder also has Movies in it, then BOTH folders will be displayed.   (This is assuming, of course, that you’re using the Media Library function.)

  2. Yeah, that’s a bit of an issue.  

  3. Your presumption is correct.  

  1.  Yes, I’ve taken to naming the folder image _1.metathumb

So far that always gets used as the folder image, no matter what else is in the folder.

Thanks  TonyPh12345 and glorious1.

  1.  If that is how the SMP works, I would like to know how anyone is able to only get music files when they click on music, only photo’s when they choose photo’s and only videos when chosing videos.  When I choose Music, I get all my video folders.  What file extensions count as music?  Similarily, when I choose photo’s, I also get all my Video folders.  I’m guessing because of the cover’s and backdrops in those folders?  If so, how could you ever keep your movies out of your photo section?

  2.  Very dissapointed if WD isn’t going to improve this.  The unit downloads over 20 backdrops but we can’t have our choice of cover?  Unacceptable.

  3.  Thanks glorious1.  I actually renamed the file 1_folder.Metathumb and it worked.  I needed to put the 1 first.

Do you have your content source set to “My Media Library?”  (Red Button)

I usually didn’t but I did for this experiment (once you mentioned that media library must be on).

Huffer007 wrote:

If so, how could you ever keep your movies out of your photo section?

*.metathumb (cover art files) files won’t trigger putting movies in the photo section.

But if you use your own JPGs as covers, it may.

But if you rename your JPG files as metathumb files, they shouldn’t…