Couldn't recognize the drive on Windows 7, but possible on Win XP?

I have a 2 TB My Book Studio, serial number is: [Edited], that was working fine for about 1 year, and then suddenly I couldn’t access the drive anymore, so I attempted to format it. After that, it worked fine for several days, and the same problem arised. I take it to my cousin PC (Pentium 4, using Windows XP), and it can read the drive fine. I can access everything inside my drive, but when I tried it on my PC or my friend’s one, both using Windows 7, both can’t access the drive, asking to format it again.

I honestly don’t understand where is the source of the problem, so anyone else has a clue?

I don’t know but have a feeling about differences in NTFS format on XP and Vista and later. Try formatting it on XP and see if it makes any difference. People moving a drive between different OSs seem to have more of this problem. Do you always remove the drive safely? if not you could be corrupting data. TestDisk might fix the problem or Easuse Partition Manager


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