Could this be possible?

Hi, I´ve had the wd tv live player for some weeks now, and everything is working as espected, but there is some small things that I hope will be implemented in an upcoming firmware:

I would like to have the ability to choose color on the subtitles as I think yellow is much better than white.

A visualisation when playing music.

The ability to Pause,skip songs when watching a picture slideshow.

using the arrow buttons to jump in the timeline like in xbmc, left/right arrow you go back/skip 1 min. at the time, and up/down you skip/go back 10 min.

It would also be nice if the player could remeber the last menu / location when switching between music, videos, etc. instead of starting from root of the menu everytime. and / or some kind of bookmark system.



Try searching / browsing the Ideas Lab:

You will find many (or all) of the things you want have already been proposed by someone.  Give kudos to the ideas you like to give them greater weight with the WD staff.