Could MBL host a functional wordpress (for intranet use)?

Hi there,

I was wondering if there’s any chance to get my My Book Live working as a local host fully functional (i.e. PHP5, MySQL, etc) for hosting a wordpress webpage intended to be accessed from home only (not available to the www). Has anybody get to make it work? I’d be really interested in the steps needed to achieve it.

Thanks and regards.

Hi Kinube,

If you install Debian Jesse in a chroot-environment then you should be able to sufficiently update / install packages without bricking your MBL.

I have used before and aside from using the very country specific Debian mirror of I don’t have any additional issues with the script.

From there you can chroot into the new Debian installation and install a webserver on a different port (80 and 443 are taken for the MBL UI management)