Copying to usb hangs the drive

I’m running it as an NAS on my wifi network (all macs)

when I use Bonjour to go to


it permits me to identify the source directory and the target USB drive. Then it starts and shows progress via an ellipsis…

And that can go on for DAYS but only 20 of 200 folders get copied.

If I sleep the Mac, I get a parse error, but I’ve done this several times without permitting it to sleep and without getting an error.

The drive is plenty big–1 tb to hold less than half that.

So, assuming the software is bogus, is there a way to copy all my files? the USB won’t mount in the finder when it’s connected to the worldbook.


I’m not understanding your issue.  You have a My Book World set up on your network and you are trying to copy files from it to a USB drive.  Where is the USB drive connected, to the My Book World, or to a computer?  What are the drive sizes of each drive?  What kind of router are you using and what types of computers are you using on your network?

Thanks Bill.

It’s a 1 tb usb powered drive, hooked up to the usb port on the worldbook.

The worldbook is 1 tb, but only has 600 gig of (legally purchased) music on it. I’m trying to make a back up to the USB.

The Worldbook is hooked up my apple wifi router.

usb–>worldbook–>router—>my mac

this is the way your manual told me to set it up to do the copying.

The reason I know that it’s working is that the USB drive now has a dozen or so folders of data on it. So the files are moving. But then the drive hangs, doesn’t give an error and stops copying.

Does that help? Thanks for your help.

There is a BUG in firmware 1.01.16, 1.01.18 and 1.02.04 so you have and you will have problems with the WD NAS and USB drive.

You can copy files from USB HDD through NAS to your computer ±.

You can copy small files from computer through NAS to your USB drive size cca 700 MB, bigger files will stuck the NAS.

If you want copy bigger files from USB drive or to USB drive, you need to use WD Copy manager (please read the manual), or disconnect the USB drive from NAS and copy the data manually.

Of course, you need  first to configure your USB drive through Network Storage Manager and configure access rights on the USB.



If you want by absolutely sure, that the problem is not generate from Mionet or Twonky, use my guide

and don’t upgrade to firmware version 1.02.04, newer always doesn’t mean better.

Read problems with new firmware

btw. Thank you WD for the great support! Very smart questions!

Using WD products is more complicated than drive a Space ship!

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I applaud your help and generosity.

I’m not sure I’m competent enough to follow the steps, but I’m aghast that WD doesn’t care enough to fix this.