Copying from NAS to WDTV Live Hub WITHOUT going through PC?

Hi All:

So I now have a WDTV Live Hub set up as a network share. I’d like to take my video files that I’ve been serving from my ReadyNas Duo, and move them to my Hub. I know I can do this by simply mounting both my ReadyNas and WDTV Live Hub to my PC, and then moving this way, but that seems the long way 'round.

Is there any way that I can log into my ReadyNas via SSH, and mv the files directly to my Hub?


No, you can’t do it via SSH.  But you can do it through the file move function on the HUB.

Found another solution:

In the ReadyNas Frontend, I was able to set up a backup job to copy a share from the ReadyNas to the Hub!