Copying files from computer still a pain

Though the drives are mapped in my Windows desktop and I can open then without issues, I still have problem copying large files like videos onto the My cloud. It just times out saying destination not reachable…

What Windows operating system are you using?
What My Cloud model/firmware are you using?
How is the computer connected to the network? Is the My Cloud connected to a Gigabit router/switch?
Does the My Cloud have a static IP address?
Is the Windows computer on the same local network as the My Cloud within the same IP address range?

More information is needed about your setup as there are a variety of network or Windows configuration issues that could cause access problems to the My Cloud.

I am sorry. Should have provided these details. I am using Windows 7. My desktop is connected on wifi to my tplink router. My cloud is connected on sane tplink ethernet port but not gigabit port. IP address is static. Cloud firmware is updated. Ver 4.4… the drive can be accessed from windows explorer. I can play audio and video. But when I copy files it seems like forever. Tried third party software like fast copy but that too failed.

What is the WiFi connection and or speed? Wireless N? Wireless G? Wireless B? Other?

Does the speed improve if you connect the desktop to the TP-Link router?

Your probably going to have slow speeds because your using WiFi and because the router doesn’t apparently support Gigabit networking.

Having a non-gigabit switch in the middle messes things up. I have my My Cloud and desktop PC on a separate gigabit switch from my DSL gateway. My DSL speed is only 3 Mbps, so gigabit doesn’t matter for remote access, but for transferring files back and forth between desktop and My Cloud it’s super fast.

The weak link in my setup is the 10/100 port going from the wireless router to the My Cloud … but anything I do wirelessly is just small files so I’m not too concerned about it at the moment.

Its a wireless N so I know it’s not so fast. I understand that there should be a gigabit switch for data transfer. I am as such looking at a new wifi router with gigabit lan ports.

Can you guys suggest me something with about 4 10/100/1000 mbps ports. One WAN port. Now what I really want on WAN side is a pet that can be configured as WAN or ADSL since ISP here can change. USB port is not important. Dual band yes. Thanks for the inputs guys. You have been a good help